schuelerempfang_krosno_2016-09-22-webMarl, 27th September 2016. The Polish young people of the Second Lyceum in Krosno (comparable to a Sixth Form School) visited the Albert-Schweitzer-/Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium. Accommodated in host families they got to know Marl, the surroundings and the people living here very closely. The exchange was supported by the Elena Bleß Foundation. In conversation with the pupils Mayor Arndt made clear that what is common today was not at all self-evident some years ago. “Today our Europe is completely different from the one it used to be”, Arndt explained. “When I was young, there were borders. Therefore I welcome it very much that Polish and German young people can now meet so uncomplicatedly.” In the following days a lot of new experiences and impressions waited for the young people. Trips to the Chemistry Park, to the Jewish Museum in Dorsten, to the Transformer Plant Recklinghausen as well as a town rally in Recklinghausen were on their plan. Another highlight was a European evening, on which the German and Polish pupils met another exchange group from Madrid.