Elena Bleß-Stiftung anerkannt kleiner
Entry in the foundation book of the district government on 24th April 2015 (from left: U. Wessel, Dr. M. Bleß, Prof. Dr. R. Klenke, A. Bleß, H.-J. Böing, K. Henschel)

The Elena Bleß Foundation has been set up in memory of Elena Bleß who lost her life in a plane crash in the French Alps on 24th March 2015. On the next day she would have been 16 years old.

In a group of sixteen pupils and two teachers from Haltern am See Elena was on her way back home from a school exchange in Catalonia (Spain). According to Elena’s wishes the foundation shall support other pupils participating in school exchange programmes and attending work placements abroad.

As confirmed by its statutes the Elena Bleß Foundation pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes in accordance with the section “purposes with tax privileges” in german tax regulations.

The document of recognition for the foundation was handed over in Münster on 24th April 2015 by region president Prof. Dr. R. Klenke in the presence of Ulrich Wessel, headmaster of Joseph König Grammar School, Reverend Karl Henschel and Hans-Josef Böing, first council officer of the town of Haltern am See.


Stiftungsbuch Bezirksregierung Münster