schuelerbesuch_spanien_2016-09_08schuelerbesuch_spanien_2016-09_08Marl, 9th September 2016. A group of 11 pupils of the Spanish partner school Colegio Urkide in the Basque capital Vitoria in Northern Spain were visitors at the grammar school Gymnasium im Loekamp (GiL) for a week. After the German pupils had already been to Spain in April, now the Spaniards got to know everyday life at the GiL and the special qualities of the region. On the first day Mayor Werner Arndt welcomed the guests and gave a survey over Marl and its history from the tower of the town hall. During a study trip through the Ruhr Area on Friday the Spaniards first got to know the significance of mining for the Ruhr Area in a visit to the Museum of Mining in Bochum. How industry left its mark on the Ruhr Area and how structural change can function was the topic of an interesting guided tour in the Gasometer in Oberhausen, the second stop of the tour through the Ruhr Area. The day found a conclusion with eating and shopping in the Centro Shopping Centre, an example of the successful change of former industrial areas.