Verona, 15th August 2016. In the summer holidays, Emma, pupil of a grammar school in Brakel, was allowed to do her work placement at the Goethe Institute in Verona (Italy). She did not have the think for long as she had already heard from other pupils how great it is to make such experiences. Flying to Italy without her parents was definitely an adventure and when she arrived at the host family’s she was relieved and happy. “All people were totally warm and friendly. I got to know the country and the people much better, simply because I was accommodated with a host family. And although I could not really talk with the parents because of the language barrier, you could always somehow communicate.”
With her work placement, however, she had no problems with the language because she was allowed to do her work placement at the Goethe Institute and everybody working there can speak German. In her report Emma describes what she liked most with her work placement: “I liked being directly included in the everyday life of the Institute and I could thereby observe the different roles most exactly. I was able to learn many things regarding leading and organizing lessons and I even learned a bit of Italian. Already after the first day I did no longer feel work as work because I enjoyed very much making so many new experiences. I got to know Italy from a completely different perspective and I am grateful for everything I was allowed to experience in this time.
All I can add: “If you ever have the chance to do a work placement abroad, do it because it is definitely worth it!”