Praktikum OliwiaPrzemysl, 1st August 2016. For her three-week work placement abroad, Oliwia, pupil from Brakel, chose the peaceful place of Przemysl near the Ukrainian border, where she lived with a very warm and open family. She is more than contented with her work placement in the local hospital: “The nurses quickly briefed me in my duties and thus I felt well at once. By working with the children in the ward I could extraordinarily enrich my experiences in interacting with children.” The language was no obstacle for Oliwia because she was born in Poland and has an almost fluent command of the language. Of course sometimes she was lacking some words. “But then my host family or the nurses helped me quickly.” Generally, speaking the language as a “foreigner” is highly appreciated in Poland and you are almost inundated with compliments. Her conclusion: “I am grateful for my insights due to the scholarship. Therefore I would recommend a work placement abroad to everyone considering it, as it is really worth it.”