Katharina und Salina kleinMarl, 7th July 2016. After their return from Creil, France, Salina and Katharina are still thinking of their work placement in an old people’s home. In her report Salina writes, “Working with the seniors has been great fun for me as they were very open-hearted and included you directly. Of course the language is not perfect in the beginning, but by help and merely by listening the language becomes perfect right away. My host family in France was my highlight.” Katharina comes back with new experiences, too: “Whenever there were language difficulties everybody tried to explain it to us. Generally, people spoke more slowly. In case there were questions, they were answered as well as possible. Our working day mostly went from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. It was very entertaining as there was a different programme every day. On Mondays there was Zumba, for example, and on Thursdays one went to the cinema. I have rarely met such open and warm people. You were simply included and welcomed at once.”