Hannah KuhrmannCrèvecoeur-le-Grand, 4th May 2016. Full of new impressions Hannah, pupil of the Gymnasium (Grammar School) of the Mariannhiller Missionaries, has returned from her work placement in France and tells: “In the Easter holidays I could be on a work placement in France, more precisely in Crèvecoeur-le-Grand, the place of the twin school of the Gymnasium of the Mariannhiller Missionaries. My French teacher and the German teacher at Collège Jehan-le-Fréron could find me a very nice host family and days of work placement at two French schools. Thus I could accompany the teachers and gain insight into French school life. A morning when I could advertise German respectively Germany in all classes of the primary school was especially interesting. I taught welcome phrases and some German words to all pupils. Of course they were also allowed to ask me questions. The seriously (!) meant question if I had already seen a “genuine German” was amusing. “Yes, may happen” =”Oui, de temps en temps!” With the question the girl presumably had in mind a “typical German” with lederhosen (leather trousers), chamois beard, beer tankard or stein and pretzel. A real attraction J! I explicitly thank the Elena Bleß Foundation for making possible this stay in France! It was very valuable for me!”