Paris, 15th July 2018. After a nine-hour coach ride Charlotte arrived in Paris, where she had found a two-week work placement in the literature agency “Anna Jarota Agency”. In her report on her work placement  she describes the tasks of such an agency: “standing in for rights of authors and mediating between international authors and French publishers”. Charlotte’s tasks were extraordinarily diverse. For the sale of books she wrote so-called “argus”, for example, sorted data sets, read books, manuscripts and contracts, looked for books on shelves, managed check lists, etc. From her flat in the 11th arrondissement she had a dreamlike view on the Eiffel Tower. After work she often went for a walk or sat by the Seine. In conclusion Charlotte writes: “All in all, I can say that I had two very great weeks in Paris giving me a much better understanding of the city and the French working life”.