Saint-Quentin, 18th July 2018. 18-year-old Franziska from Kaiserslautern could do her four-week work placement in three different positions in the northern French Saint-Quentin. She was met with a lot of friendliness every-where! In the first two weeks she was in the ESPACE CITOYEN, where she was allowed to partici-pate in the arrangement of a free time programme for the older and the younger generation. At the so-called “marché de proximité” the assistants accompany older people on walks through the City or in the nature and talk to them. An “après-midi jeux” is a games afternoon organised for younger or older people. In the third week she was at ALLO MAIRIE, a place to go for citizens who have a problem. Not only in the office, but also at lunch she had the chance to talk to her very nice colleagues: “this was always very funny”. She mostly helped in the office and twice she was al-lowed to accompany a colleague when he went to people and took photos of their problems.
She spent the last week of her work placement with the DIRECTION DU PATRIMOINE, which organ-ises exhibitions and festivals. She immediately felt at ease here, too, and by the way got to know the sights of the city (among others basilica, town hall, souterrains, museum of butterflies).
At the end of her report on her work placement Franziska writes: “Whoever wants to do a work placement abroad and is not sure: I can only recommend it. My language is much better now and it helped me on in my life.”