Marseille, 21st December 2018 .An exciting and diversified work placement with the marketing firm MAP in Marseille offered valuable insights to Marjolaine from Hamburg for her further academic and occupational career. In the first week of her work placement her job was researching the latest beauty trends on special websites and afterwards writing articles on them. Her tasks also included filling parcels with perfumes that users of the website had won in a competition, selecting flights and hotels for the winner of a weekend trip to Milan, etc.


In the second week her main job was filling envelopes by hand, sorting and counting them. These envelopes went to cosmetics consultants all over France and contained information on a new perfume. At the end of her report on her work placement Marjolaine asserts that for her this branch of marketing is rather out of the question as an occupational perspective. But: “Work placements are meant to collect experiences and that was what I definitely did.”