Agen, 23rd March 2019: With the help of the town twinning association Dinslaken/Agen, Janis, too, found a work placement in a hotel restaurant as well as an accommodation. As Janis wanted to give his work placement a language focus, he was mainly employed as a waiter during buffet breakfast and lunch. Already in the morning he could talk with the cook and the other employees in the kitchen, later during the shared lunch also to the director and of course with the numerous restaurant guests when he took the meals to the tables and served coffee. In his report on his work placement Janis emphasises, “For working in the restaurant a high social competence, which means friendliness, command of words etc, is primarily necessary as you talk a lot with people. Furthermore, concentration and coordination are important in order not to muddle up your tasks. For this you need a trained view of the jobs to be taken over.” Even though now he knows that for him a future job in a hotel is out of the question, Janis is definitely sure in one point, “I would recommend a work placement abroad and also repeat it myself as the cultural and verbal exchange is something completely new and exciting.”