Dublin, 25th August 2019. The idea of doing a work placement near her home town Warendorf seemed rather boring to Jette. In agreement with her headmistress she quickly came to the decision to do a work placement abroad. As Jette liked to get to know Ireland she quickly chose the Irish capital where she could assist for two weeks in the preschool “Safari Childcare”, an infant school. During this time she was employed in all groups, from the 12 months up to the five years old infants. Her jobs in the school were manifold: from playing with the children, helping them tying their shoes to tidying up the toys and helping in the kitchen. At the end of her report on her work placement Jette comes to a very positive conclusion, in which she i. a. asserts that she has learned “to meet others openly” and she could experience that the people there were “all very nice and open”. Already now she misses the time and especially the children in the nursery school.