Roost-Warendin, 31st July 2019

On the basis of an exemplary day, in her report Luisa-Maria very vividly describes the nice time she experienced during her work placement at the Ecole Primaire Belleforière in two classes of heterogeneous age groups. After a round of introductions in German she could read a text about the World Trade Center and the French revolution together with the pupils, play passing the buck in English and German and solve maths problems. When Luisa-Maria did not understand something, the pupils enjoyed explaining it to her, included her in their games, and they also talked to her otherwise. Later they went into the park where the children played football and tag like every day, painted the ground, the wall or trees with chalk, played rope jumping, and collected flowers and leaves. At the end of the work placement the French pupils and Luisa-Maria painted a colourful picture on the board in which they thanked each other for the nice time spent together.