Brighton, 22nd September 2019. During their work placement in a charity shop of the organization “British Heart Foundation”, which commits itself to studying heart diseases and their control, Ireen and Jason enjoyed working in a really nice team. While Ireen’s duties were “putting a price tag on clothes, DVDs etc., putting up and damping the clothes, cleaning up the shop, and washing up donated dishes”, Jason could “sort books and reduce the price of articles which had been in the shop for a long time”. Besides, he accepted donations, registered the names of the donators in a system, and could sometimes accompany the driver who collected the donations through the city. In their free time the two of them could not complain of boredom, either. So Ireen writes in her report  that one day she went to London with a class mate and suddenly found herself in the midst of a “Fridays for Future” demonstration. By bus and train she also explored the surrounding area of Brighton: “The landscape out of the town is breath-taking: milelong beach, cliffs, and many routes for walking. Simply a place for breathing deeply.” Jason tells in his report  that he met with the English driver in his free time to do something together with him, thus he got to know a lot of  people, and all in all could improve his language skills by the work placement.