Agen, 22nd March 2019. Thanks to the well-functioning twinning agreement between Dinslaken and Agen, it was not difficult for Jonathan to find a suitable work placement and an accommodation. In the Collège Joseph Chaumié he could get to know the different jobs there are at a school apart from the teacher’s job. Thus in the morning he regularly helped in the secretary’s office and in the afternoon he could work in other school sectors, as for example the CDI or the loge, a kind of entrance control. In his report he comes to the following personal conclusion, “I have learned how the working world functions. By this stay abroad I could prove my autonomy and this has also encouraged me. (…) You collect experiences in another country about another country. You improve a lot in understanding and speaking the foreign language. Moreover, a work placement abroad pays well in your curriculum vitae. It was great and I would do it again any time.”