Nach der Spendenübergabe vor den zur Erinnerung vor der Schule gepflanzten 18 Bäumen: U. Wessel, J. Erlemeyer, A. Bleß, G. Lauterbacher, M. Bleß
After the handing over of the donation in front of the 18 trees planted in memory in front of the school: U. Wessel, J. Erlemeyer, A. Bless, G. Lauterbacher, M. Bleß

Haltern am See, 22nd May 2015. On Friday, 22nd May, Dr. Götz Lauterbacher, President of the Lions Club Herten, and Jürgen Erlemeyer, Treasurer of the Club, handed over a donation of 1275 euros to the Elena Bleß Foundation in Haltern am See. On the occasion of the handing over of the donation Lauterbacher and Erlemeyer also visited the Joseph-König-Gymnasium in Haltern. In front of the commemorative wall installed in the school with pictures of all 18 victims from the school community they remembered the deceased, among the Elena Bleß. Lauterbacher and Erlemeyer handed over the donation in the presence of Headmaster Ulrich Wessel to the board of the foundation, Annette Bleß and Martin Bleß. The means for the donation come from a donation action of the Club on the occasion of the decease of Irene Erlemeyer.

Münster, 24th April 2015. On Friday, 24th April 2015 – in day and hour almost exactly one month after the crash of Germanwings Flight 4U9525 in the French Alps – County Chief Administrator Prof. Dr. Reinhard Klenke handed over the recognition document of the Elena Bleß Foundation to the founders, Annette and Dr. Martin Bleß, in the presence of Ulrich Wessel, headmaster of the Joseph-König-Gymnasium, Reverend Karl Henschel and the first town councillor of the city of Haltern am See, Hans-Josef Böing

Elena Bleß belongs to the 16 pupils of Joseph-König-Gymnasium in Haltern am See, who lost their lives together with two teachers in the crash of the Germanwings flight from Barcelona to Düsseldorf. They should return from a school exchange from Catalonia.

“In the sense of Elena, who enjoyed learning foreign languages very much and for this reason liked travelling abroad, the Elena Bleß Foundation shall contribute within its bounds to promoting the international communication of pupils”, said Annette Bleß, grammar school teacher in Marl and chairwoman of the Foundation Board.

“Compensations of Lufthansa cannot give us our daughter back, but their revenue can make a small contribution to the general public and maintain the memory of Elena”, added Martin Bleß.

“In the Elena Bleß Foundation the name and memory of your daughter will survive. You give something of the love you can no longer give your daughter to other young people and you give an impressive sign of courage, which may encourage others suffering”, says Klenke when handing over the document.

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