La Coruna/Oberhausen, 8th November 2019. Since 2001 an outstanding project has existed at the Heinrich-Böll-Comprehensive School in Oberhausen: For 14 days up to 16 pupils can immerge into the working world of Spain and in the context of a work placement they can cooperate in a kindergarten, a day care for the elderly, a library, an office, or in a school. This remarkable project was initiated by the very dedicated Spanish teacher Jörg Mallmann, who tirelessly encourages the pupils to do work placements in Spain and time and again enjoys accompanying them to Galicia. So, this year from the 5th to the 18th October school was again exchanged against a work placement abroad. In the morning they worked, in the afternoon they went shopping in the city centre of La Coruna, or they ate tapas together. For the first time this great project was supported by the Elena Bless Foundation. In an afterwards meeting in Oberhausen the chairwoman of the foundation could have a look at beautiful photos of the stay in Spain and successful folders of the work placement, try tasty tapas and also get into a conversation with the very nice pupils, who enthusiastically reported on their work placement.